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SOFTRAX billing and revenue management products provide end-to-end solutions to manage operational and accounting processes such as revenue recognition, complex billing, contract renewals, order management and more.

Given the level of complexity these processes may require across numerous industry segments, SOFTRAX has been designed to support a large number of diverse business types, including: Software and SaaS, Business Services and BPO, Internet and E-Commerce, Information Providers, Research, E-Learning and others. 

The SOFTRAX Product Tour will take you through:

  1. Contract and Order Processing Capabilities
  2. Installations Management, Subscription and Billing Capabilities
  3. Maintenance Renewal Functionality
  4. Revenue Recognition Capabilities (Supporting Compliance, Regulatory and Accounting Guidelines)
  5. Analysis and Forecasting Capabilities

It is the primary goal of SOFTRAX software to be able to handle any level of revenue and billing protocol, no matter how complex. Our system can be integrated in a stand-alone format or in conjunction with your current CRM or accounting systems.

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