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SOFTRAX Enterprise is designed for businesses whose revenue management processes have grown beyond the scope of their existing systems, forcing them onto spreadsheets or highly customized solutions.

Thanks to its modular architecture and a broad range of available plug-ins and components, companies can use Enterprise to support transactional and recurring billing, advanced contract and renewal management, and advanced revenue recognition.

And because SOFTRAX Enterprise’s components augment, rather than replace, existing financial and ERP systems, accounting workflows can be automated throughout the entire revenue cycle without creating unnecessary disruption or risk. 

SOFTRAX Enterprise builds on almost two decades of development and successful deployments in industries as diverse as Software and SaaS, Business Services and BPO, Internet and E-Commerce, Information Providers, Research, Healthcare, and E-Learning

The Free Product Tour Covers:

  • Contract Management and Order Processing

  • Installations Management, Billing, and Subscriptions

  • Maintenance Renewal

  • Revenue Recognition: Supporting Compliance, Regulatory, and Accounting Guidelines

  • Analysis and Forecasting Capabilities

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